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Bubble Cocktail Lip Exfoliating Mask,...

Bubble Cocktail Lip Exfoliating Mask, 12ml

For gentle kisses

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Are your lips always ready for kissing?
Lip skin requires very gentle care.

There are no sebaceous glands and consequently, this skin is quickly deprived of moisture and becomes weather-beaten. Be always sure of your lips’ gentleness with Bubble Cocktail lip exfoliating mask from the Korean Сhoahae* product line.

Spend several minutes on the pleasant and unusual session, and you will be surprised at the softness of your lips.

The mix of magic bubbles and effective components will gently take care of your lip skin:

  • it will delicately clean, eliminating dry layers of the skin;
  • it will help to moisturize and restore.

* Сhoahae means “I like you!” if translated from the Korean. Why this name? You’ll understand it when you see your reflection in the mirror after using products from this series.


  •   „Aquaxil“ Complex - This effective hydration complex containing natural plant and mineral ingredients (glucose and xylitol - wood extract) softens and regenerates the skin and prevents its dehydration.
  •  Prunus persica - prunus persica fruit extract facilitates rejection of the stratum corneum and the rapid regeneration of cells, improves tissue respiration, restores moisture balance in the skin, reduces the quantity and depth of fine lines, leaves the skin delicate and smooth.
  •  Carica papaya fruit - Carica papaya fruit extract softens the skin, accelerates the process of its regeneration and improves metabolism in cells.
  •  Perilla - Perilla (Chinese basil) extract is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.
  • Chinese peony - Peony root extract is a great antioxidant that moisturises and tones the skin and helps regenerate and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Japanese pepper - Japanese pepper extract is a great antiseptic that relieves irritation.
  • Japanese gold-thread - Japanese gold-thread extract stimulates cellular immunity and hydrates the skin in the deep layers of the epidermis.
  • Bentonite - It is a natural clay mineral that binds impurities together and thus acts as an excellent absorbent material.
  • Japanese honeysuckle - Honeysuckle flower extract improves the skin's overall look, smoothes out fine lines.
  • Salix alba - Salix alba bark extract tones, improves microcirculation, and normalizes metabolism in tissue.


Apply the mask to your dry lips, wait for the product to foam, massage your lips in 3–5 minutes with your finger-tip and rinse the exfoliating mask off with water. For outward application only.

Bubble Cocktail Lip Exfoliating Mask, 12ml

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