Lip Soothing Balm 10g
Lip Soothing Balm 10g
Lip Soothing Balm Stop dryness and...

Lip Soothing Balm Stop dryness and shedding, 10g

For tender kisses



Tender and silky, soft and moisturized... Lips that are used to the TianDe Fucoidan Balm are so inviting to kiss them!

With our new balm for extreme smoothing, your lips will be under protection in any weather. It creates a secure barrier between the negative environment and the thin skin of your lips, preventing their dryness and shedding. The protective effect is reinforced with the UV-filter.

Fucoidan balm can be used not only on your lips. It is perfect for any rough skin. Just a drop of this balm – and even your elbows and heels are soft and smooth.


  • Fucose is a unique carbohydrate that plays the key role in cell processes. Fucoidan, a polysaccharide contained in brown algae, consists of fucose molecules. According to many scientific researches, fucoidan mobilizes skin stem cells thus contributing to the regeneration of tissues. Experiments revealed that this unique substance is able to prevent wrinkles and, moreover, reduce the deepness of already existing ones.
  • Shea butter is the bestseller of anti-age cosmetics. It nourishes the skin with vitamins A, Е and F. Vitamins А and E help preserve a young appearance of the skin, prevent premature wrinkles and mimic lines, and have a photoprotective effect against ultraviolet.
  • Allantoin Has a regenerating effect, softens and soothes the skin, protecting it from the negative impact of external factors.


Apply the balm to your lips or rough skin.

Skin requirements
Firmness and elasticity
SPF - protection

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