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Lifting Eye Cream-Gel - Zhenfei perfect

Zhenfei, Lifting Eye Cream-Gel 30g

Eliminates the signs of fatigue and makes your eye expression more youthful.
This cream, with a light gel texture, is easily spread over the skin and rapidly absorbed.

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• Saturates the skin with moisture and nutrients.
• Removes skin tension and reduces eyelid puffiness.
• Regular use of this cream-gel restores the elasticity and natural shine of the skin around the eyes.

This cream, with a light gel texture, is easily spread over the skin and rapidly absorbed.

In addition to Lotus corniculatus flower extract, it contains acetyl tetrapeptide-5,
hydrolyzed pea proteins, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E (tocopherol), Hedera helix leaf extract and Equisetum arvense extract.

Equisetum arvense extract:
• is a source of silicium, which strengthens the collagen responsible for improved skin elasticity;
• contains macro- and microelements required for collagen and elastin synthesis: calcium, potassium, aluminium, manganese, copper, molybdenum, selenium;
• firms the skin, promotes the excretion of excessive liquids from the tissue.

It’s a fact: Skin elasticity is directly proportionate to silicium content. Newborn skin contains the maximum quantity of silicium.

Hedera helix leaf extract:
• has stimulating and regenerating effects, promotes skin-strengthening and lifting;
• contains phytoestrogens, vegetable substances whose chemical structure is similar to human estrogen and which are capable of locally simulating their effect on the
skin; phytoestrogens not only slow down ageing processes but also normalize melanin synthesis, thereby preventing hyperpigmentation;
• reduces the permeability of capillaries and cell membranes, normalizing skin metabolism, provides for the excretion of toxins and excessive liquid from tissue,
thereby promoting the elimination of puffiness;
• acts as “a conductor” for other beneficial cream-gel ingredients: contains glycosides facilitating the penetration of active ingredients into deep skin layers.

Apply to the skin around the eyes with light circular movements. Do not massage in!
Suitable for all skin types, starting at age 35.

Simple arithmetic of eyelid skin: minus puffiness and dark circles, plus elasticity and resiliency.

Skin requirements
Caring for the skin around the eyes
Skin type
For all skin type
35 +

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