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Flowers Mirror

Flowers Mirror

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Ever-blooming bouquet

No girl can do without a mirror today. Tell us honestly how many times do you look at your reflection, even just for a second? You can’t count the number of times! Everything in the fashionable woman’s cosmetics bag should be beautiful and stylish, even the mirror!

TianDe presents a collection of double-sided mirrors. This is a normal mirror on one side and magnifying mirror on the other side for you to examine your face in detail! This accessory is light and compact and can fit in any, even the smallest purse. The mirror is made from high-quality state-of-the-art plastic.

Do you like to receive flowers? Now they will always be with you! Flowers Mirror is an ever-blooming bouquet of beautiful flowers that will delight you every day! Romantics will appreciate the gentle design. The shape of this mirror is convenient and oblong, it fits the hand ideally.

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