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Creates a soft-focus effect

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Blusher with a soft-focus effect.

The name was borrowed from the “Photoshop” computer program:
thanks to the use of special filters, the photograph is transformed into a perfect image,
concealing individual defects and lending the composition a certain depth. 

City Chic Blusher is also capable of working miracles – but in the world of make-up artistry.
It can be used as a bronzer, or even as a contouring product.
It structures the face, accentuating the surface, leaving it with a fresh, well-rested appearance.
The dry, silky texture of the blusher ensures its easy application and subtle tinting. 

The spherical silica particles contained in the blusher fill in any skin imperfections,
diffusing light, visually smoothing its surface and reducing the visibility of fine lines and enlarged pores. 

The micronized talc prevents the occurrence of oily shine, creating a matte effect.

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