City Style Lip Satin Gloss Expand

City Style Lip Satin Gloss 6.8 g



Presenting the new artistry of color

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5,20 £

Lipstick or gloss? You don’t have to choose between them anymore!

Lip Satin Gloss from TianDe combines both shimmer and intense color.
Liquid lipstick and pigmented gloss – now it’s all-in-one. 

Gloss creates a slick, mirror-like surface on your lips, leaving a bright hue and brilliant shine.
Thanks to its silky texture, it’s easily applied.

Its flexible coating won’t run, smear or bleed.
The Vitamin E contained in the gloss pampers the delicate skin of your lips,
deeply nourishing, moisturizing and leaving a sensation of comfort.
Sophisticated, elegant shine and subtle, feminine hues will make your smile truly dazzling! 

The instant color-transformation formula makes it easy to combine different glosses.
With just 3-4 hues in your arsenal, you can create a myriad of others.

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