Peach & Sake Rehydrating Cream-Mask Expand

Peach & Sake Rehydrating Cream-Mask 35g




This cosmetic product is ideally suited to the care of dry and fading facial skin. Deep moisturizing and shine of skin.

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This cosmetic product is ideally suited to the care of dry and fading facial skin.
The product contains peach leaf extract, algae extract and Eriobotrya japonica leaf

There are figurative comparisons in virtually all world languages: “skin like a peach,”
“not a girl but a peach.” Thanks to the “Peach” mask, these compliments will be paid to
you as well…

Effect of the mask’s active ingredient
Peach leaf extract saturates the skin with moisture, thereby making it fine and soft like
a peach. The flavonoids contained in the extract protect skin from the adverse action of
free radicals and early aging.

• moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin;
• prevents desquamation;
• relieves inflammation and itching;
• rejuvenates, brightens the skin.

Regular use of the mask provides excellent facial skin moisturizing and protection. The
condition and appearance of sensitive and inflamed skin will significantly improve.

The mask moisturizes and nourishes skin, stimulates metabolic processes.

Due to its active components activates the mechanisms of free radicals fighting.

Provides rejuvenating effect and confers shine to skin.

The mask is recommended to be carried on the treated skin of face and neck avoiding the eye area by thick layer.

10 minutes later remove excess by cloth or gently rub it into the skin.

Skin requirementsDehydrated skin
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