Collagen mask for face and neck with extract of ginseng Dual System

Collagen mask for face and neck with extract of ginseng Dual System 1 pc


Thanks to its record-breaking collagen content, the mask transforms mature facial skin from aging and fading into resilient, elastic and healthy skin.

• enhances the skin’s vitality and resiliency,
• protects the skin against early aging,
• evens micro-relief, smoothes wrinkles,
• has immunomodulating, anti-stress, toning effects,
• restores epidermal cells.

Your skin is moisturized, resilient, elastic and healthy. By using the mask regularly, you
notice that your facial skin is obtaining excellent nutrition in order to remain young for
a long time.

The product contains: hydrolyzed collagen-active" title="collagen">collagen, ginseng root extract.

By right, ginseng is called the “root of life.” The healing forces of this plant are so strong
that even mystic properties were ascribed to it in ancient times: people believed that the
plant shined with bright fire in the period of its blossoming and that if its root was dug
out in this time, it was possible to obtain the elixir of immortality.

The root contains the most important microelements
and minerals, a powerful antioxidant complex and
the unique substances ginsenosides. Ginseng extract
contains elements which are of great value to the
skin: essential and fatty oils, mineral compounds and
group B vitamins.

Effect of the mask’s active ingredients
Ginseng extract stimulates cells to self-renewal, thereby improving the skin’s general
condition. Ginseng regulates and normalizes metabolic processes, stimulates tissue
regeneration, intensively nourishes and recovers the skin.
Hydrolyzed collagen has nourishing, rejuvenating and wound-healing effects. It is
indispensable for tired skin that has lost its vitality. It favors the production of natural
collagen and renewal of basic skin structures.

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