Multivitamin Facial Phytomask 20g

Multivitamin Facial Phytomask 20g


Active nourishment!

The mask encourages the synthesis of elastin and collagen-active" title="collagen">collagen, activating the cell regeneration process. It provides a prolonged moisturizing effect, relieves irritation, prevents allergic reactions, has a skin-lightening effect, and leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness.

The phyto-composition contains only natural components: nettle, common balm, black currant, thyme, mint leaves, camomile flowers, oat flour, licorice root.

The phytomask should be prepared immediately before application: dilute with warm boiled water (+30°С) until it reaches the consistency of thick sour cream.

Skin requirements
Freshness and radiance
Any Age
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