Rejuvenating Complex Facial Cream, 55g

Rejuvenating Complex Facial Cream, 'Snake Factor' 55g

Infinite rejuvenation



This nourishing night cream stimulates metabolic processes in the skin,
fighting aging, reducing pigmentation and smoothing away even the most deeply-set wrinkles.

The product is part of the Snake Factor series designed for the intensive correction of age-related skin changes.
Products in this series contain Mamushi snake oil;
Brillian-KS68 anti-ageing complex, which activates cellular turnover;
and a combination of powerful moisturizing components
(hyaluronic acid sodium salt and glucose disaccharide).

Introducing our new facial cosmetic series – Snake Factor.
The four products, based on mamushi snake oil, are intended
for the intensive correction of age-related skin changes.

If applied regularly, the products from the series accelerate the
skin cells’ rejuvenation rhythm, improve the skin’s firmness and
elasticity and decrease age-related pigmentation.
Set a new pace for your skin cells’ rejuvenation with our Snake Factor products!

Skin requirements
Clarifies pigment spots
Prevents skin-aging
Wrinkle correction
Young skin
Skin type
For all skin type

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