Hair Regenerating Serum 15 pcs Expand

Hair Repair Leave-In Serum 15 pcs




Thermal protection and repair of split ends

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They look beautiful, radiant and listener.

You will have hair that will attract admiring glances of those around you and will give you a good feeling.
Neat hair completes the picture of a healthy and successful women.

Regenerating Serum penetrates deep into the inner layers of the hair, giving it a balanced diet and intense hydration.

This product strengthens and restores hair structure, giving it shine, elasticity, softness and a healthy appearance. Removes discoloration, prevents hair breakage and split ends. The active components of serum regenerates hair cuticles, giving it strength and power inside.

What makes this product truly unique is its ability to immediately deliver the active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin and hair. Due to saturation bioactive elements, this product has a strong effect regeneration and quickly solve hair problems.

Another strength of this product is the convenience of use.
No need to rinse hair, apply it to damp hair before styling it.
It provides shine and a well-groomed appearance without charge or stick hair.

You can use an indelible restores serum as an independent means of daily care.
But it will be more effective serum, when applied together with the shampoo and conditioner they TianDe.

Regenerating serum may be used as a means of day-care independently. But serum is more powerful, used in conjunction with any shampoo and conditioner TianDe.

Hair needs :Smoothness and silkiness

Dimethicone & Cyclopentasiloxane (60%), Dimethicone & Dimethiconol (Dow Corninng 1403 Fiuid) (15%), Cyclomethicone (Siloxane Sf 1202) (14,8%), Silicone Quaternium-25 (10%), Parfum (0,02%)

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