Phyto Mouthwash, 250ml
Phyto Mouthwash, 250ml
Phyto Mouthwash, 250ml
Phyto Mouthwash, 250ml
Phyto Mouthwash, 250ml
Phyto Mouthwash, 250ml

Phyto Mouthwash, 250ml


Fresh breath and healthy gums!

How often do you pause for a snack? And how often do you have a full meal?

After each meal tiny food particles remain between your teeth (you may not see them but they are most likely there), pathogenic bacterial growth starts in your mouth. The result is an unpleasant smell from your mouth, gums inflaming from time to time and cavities.

 All this can be prevented by one simple action – regularly use Dr. Taiga Mouthwash.
Thanks to the active components, it will help you keep your breath fresh for the whole day and prevent tooth and gum problems.

 Dr. Taiga Mouthwash is:

- prevention of cavities and periodontosis;

- fighting against bacteria and unpleasant smell;

- healthy gums and fresh breath for a long time.


 This product is from the Dr. Taiga product line. One can find really unique plants and herbs in the taiga, with enormous healing power. We picked out the best of them and made the oral cavity series. These products will care for your snow-white smile and health of your gums.


 Rinse your mouth twice a day for 30 seconds after brushing your teeth. Don’t swallow.

Tiande Cosmetics- Mouthwash

Body needs
Fresh breath and strong teeth
Healthy gums
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