Long-Lasting Baked Face Powder, 14g

Long-Lasting Baked Face Powder, 14g

Powdered perfection: discover the secret of the ideal foundation!

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The ideal foundation is the basis of make-up, this unbreakable rule knows no exceptions. What do you prefer to “wear” on your skin every day? Foundation cream, BB-, CC-, DD-cream or powder? Light texture and ideal concealing: if you want everything at once – use Long-Lasting Baked Face Powder by TianDe!

This is a modern product combining the merits of liquid and dry concealers! Baked face powder is made at high temperature and as a result it is richer and more long-lasting, with a typical “marble” surface. Long-Lasting Baked Face Powder by TianDe:
- makes your skin impeccably fresh – it becomes smooth and silky;
- leaves your skin with an ideal matter look, without oily shine;
- has the light-reflecting effect for concealing fine lines and wrinkles;
- provides any level of coating – from light to thick.

One of the powder’s special features is natural minerals included in it. This is not just a color cosmetic product but care as well! Mica provides the scattering effect concealing fine lines and enlarged pores, silicon additionally absorbs excessive sebum. Another powder component – magnesium aluminum silicate – mattes, protects from the sun rays, smoothes out little skin defects.

Apply to your face by a sponge.

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