Collagen Active

Complex Collagen Active care program for facial skin recommended for everyday use for age 35+.

After the age of 30, the level of collagen drops considerably in skin, which negatively affects its overall look.
The Collagen Active line contains hydrolysed collagen which is a real fitness coach for your skin. It stimulates renewal of natural collagen fibres in dermis.

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Other ingredients of this line act together and each of them fulfils its specific function: the hyaluronic acid deep moisturizes skin, sea algae extract provides nourishing, aloe improves blood circulation, glycoproteins are instrumental in toning of collagen fibre structure. RESULT Thanks to regular use of the collagen complex, you will be able to enjoy great results in only two weeks – facial contours will be clearer and swelling adding several years to your appearance will disappear. From now on, your skin will always be fit!

Minor wrinkles will become smooth, deeper ones less visible. The skin will be clearly more hydrated and nourished. Enjoy the elasticity and shiny look of your regenerated face. Not only will the results be appreciated by you, they will not escape the notice of your surroundings.

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