Shampoo mask with keratins for colored hair Expand

Shampoo mask with keratin for colored hair



Shampoo mask with keratins for colored hair

100% color even after 20 washes head

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9,10 £

Due to the content in the shampoo-mask TianDe complex Silsoft Q dyed hair retain color within 7-8 weeks!

For the restoration of the structure of hair as part of the means responsible natural proteins - keratins.

Shampoo-mask does not contain sulphates and parabens, which contributes to gently cleanse the hair and scalp is an additional color protection factor and prolongs the effect of the keratin straightening and hair lamination.

Shampoo mask with keratins for colored hair - is a means of "2 in 1": delicate cleansing + Care.

After applying the shampoo will not have to use an additional balm.

Shampoo mask TianDe ideal for co-voshinga - popular conditioned hair washing procedure, which solves the problem of hair, bruised staining, heat styling, bouffant, perm and other means of creating beauty.

APPLICATION: Apply to wet hair, massage, 2-3 minutes rinse thoroughly with water. 

Hair needs :Hydration and repair, Smoothness and silkiness
Active ingredients:Vitamin B3, VITAMIN E, Keratin
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