Sport Style Fresh Shower Gel,250g

Sport Style Fresh Shower Gel,250g


Get the most out of a workout and be charged with succulent citrus

Athletic workouts have become an integral part of many people’s lives. It is currently fashionable to engage in sports and be fit. This is one of the signs of success, a strong will, and purposefulness. TianDe is always in style, therefore we have developed the Sport Style line in the already beloved series of body and hair care products My Family Care… especially for those like you who are into sports! For those families whose FAMILY LOOK is athletic! Supplement your athletic program with skin care products with a bold citrus fragrance and transform training into a holiday!

The best reward after a productive workout that we squeeze the maximum from is a shower with a fragrant foam! What kind of shower gel is best for active people? First, one with a bold, vigorous fragrance to recover after a tiring workout. Second, it should moisten the skin and not dry it out too much. And, of course, it should leave a feeling of freshness! The Sport Style Fresh Shower Gel meets all these requirements. The intense citrus fragrance that pleases both men and women envelops you from head to toe and energizes.

You are now ready for new accomplishments!

Sports Style Fresh Shower Gel from TianDe contains allantoin and menthol for energy and tone. It is ideal for sensitive skin. The Fresh Shower Gel leaves a long-lasting feeling of freshness, moistens the skin, giving it a citrus fragrance.

Apply evenly on moist body skin, lather and rinse thoroughly with water.

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