Device for complex exposure to photochromic and ultrasound energy Expand

Device for complex exposure to photochromic and ultrasound energy

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3D rejuvenation. “Mini beauty parlour” in lady’s purse!

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3D Phototoner is a portable device for complex exposure to photochromic and ultrasound energy, created for home use and intended for regular cosmetic procedures.

The device combines effective methods of ultrasound micromassage and delicate photochromic (light and colour) treatment by electromagnetic spectrum of various wavelengths (red, blue, green colours).

- Ultrasonic treatment. Another name of the method is sonodermia (from Greek words “sonic” –“sound”, “derma” – “skin”). Ultrasound is mechanical vibrations – vibromassage.
- Photochromic treatment (light and colour) is favourable for the skin’s condition.

The use of 3D Photoner combined with cosmetic products made by the corporation visibly increases the procedure’s effect thanks to intensified penetration of the products’ active components.

Photochromic and ultrasound methods will be excellent for mature skin demonstrating signs of aging, when the skin is dry, when there are wrinkles, the skin is not smooth, when there are pigment spots and freckles, scars, post-acne scars, cicatrices, etc.

1. Cleanse your face well.
2. Attach the mains adapter, turn on the power.
3. Apply a thick layer of TianDe active cream* on the treated face area.
4. Pay attention, the emitter of the device should be firmly pressed to the skin during the procedure.
5. The duration of the procedure is 10-15 min.

Attention: You should take care of your eyes during the procedure. It is not recommended to direct the ultrasound emitter to the skin areas with eczema, acne, sunburns, spots. When performing procedures it is required to treat the nearest skin areas.

*The device was designed in such a way as for you to use it with suitable according to your skin type cosmetic products to intensify the procedure’s effect. That it, you can apply TianDe moisturizing or lifting cream, gel or serum before the procedure and enjoy even more evident results after the procedure!

Skin requirements Lifting, Young skin, Firmness and elasticity, Wrinkle correction, Freshness and radiance, Preventing scaling and redness

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Device for complex exposure to photochromic and ultrasound energy

Device for complex exposure to photochromic and ultrasound energy

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