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Tibetan medicine is a holistic system of healing which has served the people of Tibet for centuries. This is science, art and philosophy that provides a holistic approach to health preservation. It is a science because its principles are set out in a systematic and logical structure based on the understanding of the body and its relationship with the environment. 

Complex Tibetan Herbs care program for facial skin recommended for everyday use for age 35+.

The line is based on the legendary Cordyceps Sinensis which supports the skin cells with enormous anti-ageing strength.

It literally brings dry skin susceptible to early wrinkles back to life.

Another important component of the line is saffron – it tones the skin, regenerates and boosts cell renewal. Plant extracts combined with essential oils follow the Eastern beauty recipes able to awake inner reserves, increase immunity and improve blood circulation in the epidermis. Skin cells come to life and collagen and elastin production increases.

After two or three weeks you will notice that your reflection in the mirror changes. Due to the antioxidant effect of the ingredients, the skin will glow from within, wrinkles will become less visible and the overall appearance of the skin will improve.

You will not suffer from morning under-eye bags anymore and your eyelids will be elastic again.
Say good-bye to dryness and tension, get rid of the «baked apple»skin and rely on the power of Tibetan herbs.

You will fall in love with your skin once again.

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