Hainan Tao

Anti-stress series Tiande Hainan Tao created on the basis of natural ingredients (vegetable extracts, oils, sea salt) and is ideal for the daily care of the skin of any type and in any age. In the first place, recommended for young people leading an active way of life, the stress of everyday dynamic life, tension and stress.

Active ingredients: sea salt, extracts of olives, rose petals, Aloe Vera, algae, strawberries, green tea, essential oils of sandalwood, lavender, Jasmine, lemon, peppermint oil, almond and coconut oil, amino acids milk protein.

Sea salt stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, enriches macro - and microelements.
In the series of anti-stress Tiande Hainan Tao include cream-gels for shower, lotion for the body, a cream-cream for body, salt for body care in a rich assortment of and foam for the bath.

Salt for body care - it is two tools in one. With it, you can take a bath, dissolving bag in warm water. Or use as a scrub, delicately massage into the skin.
If you dream of flat perfect tan, use aromatic salt for body care as a scrub. On the ground skin tan lie perfectly smoothly and effectively. The procedure it is desirable to hold the day before the planned reception of solar baths. Grooming can be a real pleasure!

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