Foundation Cream With Placenta - Natural Look
    Foundation Cream With Placenta - Natural Look

    Foundation Cream With Placenta - Natural Look, 50g

    Placenta cream moisturizes and protects your skin against adverse environmental factors. 
    Makes your skin smooth like velvet and adds a gentle glow to your complexion. 



    Introducing our Foundation Cream with Placenta and UV Protection,
    a revolutionary product that combines the benefits of a corrector and nourishing cream.

    This foundation cream is designed to even out your complexion, conceal imperfections, and provide a fresh and healthy-looking skin.

    Our Foundation Cream is perfectly moisturizing and protects your skin against adverse environmental factors.
    It has a velvety smooth texture that adds a gentle glow to your complexion.

    The Sheep Placenta series is formulated with placental extract, which contains a natural array of biologically-active substances that help renew and refresh aging skin cells.
    This nourishment is essential for their active division and growth, ensuring that your skin stays youthful-looking for longer.

    The Foundation Cream is recommended for use starting at age 35.
    It contains biologic components with seaweeds, placenta, natural amino-acids, and highly effective moistening ingredients.
    These ingredients activate cell functioning, strengthen skin cell membranes, and facilitate the removal of toxins.
    Our Foundation Cream perfectly protects skin against UV rays effect all day round, giving the skin velvetiness and natural tender tint.

    Our Foundation Cream is packed with powerful ingredients, including:

    • Sheep Placenta Extract: This ingredient updates cells exposed to highly toxic radicals, improves the immunity of cells, strengthens their membrane, and protects the skin from negative environmental influences.
    • Amino Acids: These penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate the protective properties.
    • Vitamins: These impregnate the skin with essential trace elements and nutrients.
    • SOD (Superoxide Dismutase): This antioxidant enzyme protects the skin from free radicals highly toxic, contributing to their excretion.
    • Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: These intensively nourish the skin cells and maintain water balance.
    • Supplements based on Algae: These energize, refresh, and nourish the skin.
    • Natural Moisturizing Agents: These actively moisturize the skin, improving its ability to maintain moisture.
    • Energizing Ingredients: These mask minor defects, giving the skin velvety soft and natural shade.

    Overall, our Foundation Cream with Placenta and UV Protection is a highly effective product that provides numerous benefits for your skin.
    Whether you want to conceal imperfections, moisturize and protect your skin, or prevent aging, this foundation cream is the perfect solution for you.

    Try it out today and see the difference it can make to your skin!

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    Weight 50g

    Placenta Product - Tiande

    Skin requirements
    Freshness and radiance
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    For all skin type
    35 +
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    Customer Reviews

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    Станка Иванова
    NPS score:
    Very good

    Foundation Cream With Placenta - Natural Look, 50g

    Rumyana S.
    Amazing product!

    Very light texture feels like silk on the skin provides at the same time great coverage withought blocking the skin pores so it feels like you don't wear anything but your face tan looks smooth and flawless. I am absolutely satisfied with this product and the price is great too.

    Vyara S.
    VSS :)

    It is perfect even a bit lighter to my skin tone it really have a skin adaptation my skin look like it is natural without make up. I am completely inlove. Thank you

    Svetlozara Zaneva-Velichkova
    Perfect fit

    Very good texture. Fit perfectly on every skin

    Svetlozara, Thanks for your comments!

    Meg I.

    The cream is very white when applied to the face, stay like a mask, I'm really disappointed with this product.

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