Nearly 70 % of young people during adolescence are affected by the symptoms of acne in a greater or lesser extent. It is associated with an excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, which start to at this time, and over-function. Sometimes, however, the acne does not go away with at the end of puberty period or suddenly appears at a completely different time. It’s difficult to fight against acne, especially the one occurring in the later years of life, but it’s not impossible.

TianDe Master Herb Anti Acne Series - Acne treatment - An intensive care complex for teenagers and adults. It ensures prevention and treatment at different stages of acne, scarring and inflammation of the skin. Effectively cleanses, increases resistance, eliminates fatigue, improves blood circulation, increases the skins overall “fighting” abilities.

Thanks to the balanced composition, combined with modern technologies of production, TianDe Master Herb Anti Acne Series provides you with noticeable results in a short time. Cosmetic series Master Herb effectively cleanse the skin, removes inflammation, soothes, narrows pores, accelerates the healing process of acne, prevents acne scarring, enhances the synthesis of collagen and protects the skin against harmful environmental factors.

Acne treatment

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