Shape & Сolour Brow Mascara

Shape & Сolour Brow Mascara

Shape + color! A revolution in brow architecture!

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Today, fashionable eyebrows should look natural, but well-groomed and neat at the same time. Actually, you need to create the impression that you have naturally thick eyebrows with a naturally beautiful shape. The brow mascara by TianDe will easily solve this not so simple task!

It will help to emphasize the natural shape of your eyebrows, add rich colour and keep the result! Three natural shades – black, brown and light brown – are ideal for brunettes, chestnut-haired ladies and blondes (and shade 03 will be universal for all of them).

The brow mascara fixes each hair thanks to the unique gel formula, preserving the colour and the set shape for the whole day. Look at the brush: it is not like the one for eyelash mascara. The shortened shape will help you carefully colour each hair, without spotting your skin, and the resilient silicone bristles will carefully comb your brows giving them the ideal shape!

Apply to your eyebrows with the brush.

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