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Turtingas drėkinamasis kremas Zhenfei Perfect

Intensyvus drėkinimas. Turtingos tekstūros kremas optimaliai atkuria jūsų odos drėgmės balansą ir padeda išsaugoti odą lygią ir sudrėkinta, lygina raukšles ir stimuliuoja odos ląstelių regeneraciją, saugo nuo žalingo aplinkos poveikio, sukuria komforto pojūtį. Rekomenduojama nuo 35 metų. Kiekis: 55 g..

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This cream has a delicate, easily-absorbed texture. It does not leave any oily shine on the skin.

The cream contains allantoin and xanthan gum.

Allantoin is made from the roots of woundwort (Symphytum officinale), a plant that has been used in the healing of wounds and regeneration of injured tissue since ancient times.


• has a regenerating effect, softens and soothes sensitive skin;

• has a keratolytic effect: softens the corneous layer, thereby promoting the removal of dead cells;

• effectively prevents pore obstruction and the development of blackheads.

Xanthan gum — is naturally-derived polysaccharide:

• moisturizes, generates a light film that keeps moisture in the skin;

• firms the skin, constricts pores;

• makes the cream texture homoeneous, delicate and pleasant when applied.


• Provides the optimum moisture level, making the skin soft and silky.

• Smoothes fine wrinkles, preserving the skin’s natural smoothness and elasticity.

• Stimulates the skin’s own regeneration process, protects it from the adverse effects of environmental factors.


Apply a small quantity of cream to the freshly-washed face and neck with thorough circular movements — except for the region around the eyes — in the morning and/or in the evening.

Suitable for all skin types, starting at age 35.

Result Your skin is moisturized, soft and silky.

Skin requirements
Firmness and elasticity
Prevents skin-aging
Odos tipas
Visiems odos tipams
35 +
Provides the optimum moisture level

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