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Kristalinė kolageninė veido kaukė Collagen Active




Patempta, standi ir elastinga oda per 20 minučių! Kaukė stangrina ir tonizuoja, stimuliuoja savarankišką kolageno sintezę, stiprina ir koreguoja veido kontūrus, išlygina odos reljefą, suteikiant jai papildomo elastingumo, lėtina senėjimo procesą, pasižymi antioksidaciniu poveikiu.

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The mask is a pliant sheet with a gel-like consistency that follows the contours of your face. The tight fit provides a thermal effect and excellent nutrient absorption. The mask’s active ingredients are hydrolyzed collagen and algae extract.

Algae extract is an “energizer battery for cells”:
• contains a mineral energy cocktail in which zinc, copper and magnesium are of the
most significance for “tired” skin cells:
• zinc is an important component for more than 200 enzymes involved in metabolic and
tissue regeneration processes;
• copper promotes the healing of wounds and scratches, activates cell growth;
• magnesium is essential to the proper functioning of the enzymes involved in the
formation of connective tissue;
• contains alginic acid, which tightens and moisturizes the skin due to its ability to
absorb roughly 300x its own weight in water.

It’s a fact: 1 kg of algae contains the same quantity of
copper, zinc and magnesium as 10 tons of sea water.

• Has a strengthening and firming effect on the skin.
• Stimulates the skin’s own collagen production.
• Evens skin surface, slows down aging processes.

Apply to the thoroughly-cleansed face. Remove the mask 15-20 minutes later, without
washing off the serum. Recommended for use 1-2 times a week.
Suitable for all skin types, starting at age 35.

Supple, noticeably-lifted facial skin.

collagen, arbutin, HGH, FGF, tocopherol, vitamins B3, B5, aloe vera, chamomile extract, papaya extract, methylparaben, ethylparaben, sodium hyaluronate, ascorbyl palmitate, ascorbic acid, fragrance.


Skin requirementsLifting
Skin typeFor all skin
Age35 +

Aqua , Propylene Glycol, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Xanthan Gum, Algae Extract

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