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Švelnus drėkinamasis tonikas Collagen Active




Švelni valymo ir tonizuojavimo priemonė.

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Toner completes the facial cleansing process by removing the residue of dirt and the
cleanser itself. The gentle formula of this cosmetic product does not contain alcohol,
carefully tones skin showing signs of fading.

In addition to hydrolyzed collagen, this toner contains vitamin E (tocopherol) and
Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract.

Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract:
• promotes fluid drainage, thereby reducing puffiness;
• contains flavonoids, which are vitamin-like vegetable substances with strong
antioxidant properties;
• contains tannins that tone the skin and constrict pores.

Hamamelis is a perennial bush commonly known as
“witch-hazel.” It was so named due to its amazing
properties: bushes exposed to stress sometimes
begin blossoming absolutely unexpectedly — even in
mid-autumn. And hamamelis flowers are extremely
resistant to frost: they become hardened because of
frost at night, then thaw out and open again in the
daytime. Another interesting fact is that hamamelis
is never affected by pests.


• Refreshes and moisturizes the skin, restores hydrolipid balance, promotes the
recovery of collagen fibers.
• Soothes irritation, boosts the skin’s natural protective mechanisms.
• Enhances the efficacy of products at subsequent care stages. Does not contain alcohol!

Apply to the face and neck using a cotton pad. Use after cleansing.
Suitable for all skin types, starting at age 35.

Your skin is perfectly toned!

Active ingredients: • Low-molecular hydrolyzed collagen – creates and strengthens skin cells, preserves skin elasticity. • Aloe – hydrates, nourishes and relieves irritation. • Witch-hazel extract – eliminates redness and flaking. • Chamomile extract – soothes the skin, relieves irritations. • Hyaluronic acid – normalizes moisture balance, hydrates and maintains moisture in skin cells. • Vitamin E – slows down lipid oxidation and formation of free radicals. • Vitamin complex – regenerates the skin, nourishes and enriches it with necessary elements. Application: Apply morning and/or evening on cleansed face and neck using a cotton wad. Use the toner after application of Delicate Cleanser and before Intensive Lifting Cream. Recommended for use after the age of 35.

Skin requirementsCleansing, Lifting, Firmness and elasticity, Wrinkle correction
Active ingredients:COLLAGEN, VITAMIN E
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