Never before has a route to happiness, youth and beauty been so simple, or the idea so bright and obvious.

Everything started with a dream. The dream of an ideal world.

A bit of fantasy, powerful creative energy and a drop of good luck helped us turn it into a PERFECT IDEA:

We created a company that has been focusing on reaching as high as we only can dream. TianDe is the Mandarin phrase for “heavenly perfection”.

Meanwhile, we stand on both feet firmly on the ground and we are confident that even the most perfect of ideas would be fruitless without a reliable foundation.

TianDe products are perfect: they have been created in accordance with the traditional formulas of the East and Altai. They have time-tested quality that makes us rightfully proud and allows us to implement a PERFECT IDEA in real life.

TianDe’s PERFECT IDEA and PERFECT PRODUCTS fill the world with beauty and love and pass from one person to the next, creating a PERFECT TEAM.

This is a team of free and happy people who are the masters of their dreams and their lives.

THE PERFECT TRINITY – ideas, products and teams – creates the harmony of PERFECT NATURAL BEAUTY and the PERFECT WORLD of your opportunities – the TianDe World!

The philosophy of heavenly harmony that is embodied in the recipes of wise healers, the energy of beauty in each of our products is like a spark of happiness that passes from hand to hand in the TianDe World.

This is the perfection we are happy to share with you!

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Our team

We are an experienced, entrepreneurial team who choose to work in partnership with our Clients and Distributors.

We are international and multi-disciplinary. We offer a new vision, imagination and a network of contacts across almost the globe.

With a deep understanding of the Tiande Products and offer. We have the insight to see how a new product can exploit extend or create a new market.

We have the operational experience to help our Distributors and teams make their vision a reality and help fast-growing.

We offer the right products, support, selling technology and help. Meet our team.

Our mission is to make people’s lives better by allowing them to use high-quality beauty, health and home-care products daily.


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We are official Tiande Business Partner and importer Tiande products.

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