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Traditional-synthetic detergents, such as powders, liquids and laundry flakes contain surfactants and phosphates. These synthetic ingredients remain in the fabric, despite rinsing. They remain in contact with our body, destroying the natural layer of our skin and cause irritation, rashes, allergic changes, discomfort and itching.
The active compounds- phosphates and polycarboxylates remove dirt in traditional washing powders.


TianDe washing balls cause the separation of minerals and negatively charged ions that effectively remove dirt from the fabric when in contact with water. Pellets of tourmaline in TianDe washing balls produce high-energy infrared waves that stimulate the frequency of the vibrations of the water and thus increase the cleaning power. Only tourmaline has the ability to emit, far infrared radiation and is characterized by an unusually high concentration of negative ions. This is all without phosphates, artificial dyes, optical brighteners, fragrances and even soaps. Washing balls, or rather their use is friendly to our health, environment and clothing. They are also long lasting and friendly to our pockets.
Tourmaline effectively removes dust mites and even mould or fungus from underwear or clothes due to its strong antibacterial properties. The second blue ball with silver -neutralizes dust mite allergens and other parasites.

Washing may be safe by converting the chemical way to the physical. It is based on the use of physical, natural abilities – Ecospheres. These are 100% natural, containing ingredients, such as:

  • Tourmaline
  • Zeolites
  • Rare metals – to increase electrical conductivity of water
  • Colloidal silver

Why to choose Ecospheres ?

  1. Washing with ecospheres does not destroy the fibre and colour of the fabric.
  2. They neutralize dust mite allergens, mould and mildew.
  3. Wash without chemicals, which often irritate and cause skin allergies.
  4. They do not require softeners because washing balls give the washing softness and flexibility.
  5. We wash at low temperatures, therefore save energy.
  6. Washing balls are sufficient to 400 washes, helping you save on powders and liquids.
  7. Underwear does not require additional rinsing, which saves water.
  8. Using TianDe washing balls, costs about 20 times less than chemical cleaning…
  9. Why pay more and put ourselves in contact with the chemicals…
  10. We protect our health, save money, clothes and also our environment – eco-friendly.
  11. Washing with Ecospheres prevents our washing machines from scale build-up and this extends their service.
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I was very sceptical using the eco balls and only bought them from my friend as they were on special offer and thought I will give them a go however I love using them, clothes come out nice and cleat and give very nice fresh feel as well as the colours seem to stay vibrant rather than washed out after use. Today I had very muddy children's coats and trousers and the Ecoballs washed them so well. Very happy with the product.

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Tourmaline Washing Spheres 2 items

Tourmaline Washing Spheres 2 items

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TianDe Is The Source Of Your Natural Beauty!

We unite cosmetology and pharmaceutics significantly increasing product efficiency. TianDe cosmetics is a bioactive supplement for skin, its effect can be compared to that of a therapeutic. The content of active components in our cosmetics is as high as 15-20%, i.e. at the level of professional products.
Naturalness. We mainly use natural healthy ingredients relying on the healing properties in order to provide care for your beauty and health; these include: snake fat and skin, sheep placenta, bird’s nest extract, red caviar, silk protein, ginseng, lingzhi, shou wu, Thai flower, ginger, lotus, pearl, gold, silver, silicon and others.

The uniqueness of formula. Folk wisdom and knowledge of the Ancient East make the basis of each cosmetic product of TianDe. The formula of the products is based on ancient recipes of Chinese, Tibetan and Altai medicine that has been proved by the centuries of effective use. We enclose recipes of oriental medicine in innovative technologies for maximum preserving of unique properties of natural ingredients.

Chinese Medicine in Cosmetics
Herbal medicine is a vital part of traditional Chinese medicine, going back several thousand years. Chinese herbs are not only highly valued medicinal raw materials, but they also contain beauty properties. Chinese herbs’ most accurate descriptions of nursing properties come from the famous medical book from the Ming Dynasty period in 1596, “Ben Cao Gang Mu”, which describes more than 170 types of herbs used for beautification. This extremely valuable heritage of the Middle Kingdom reaches its heyday in the modern, western world. The growing interest in eco-cosmetology, i.e. products based exclusively on natural plant extracts, with no synthetic chemical feedstock, makes us more willing to reach for specifics made from of natural ‘gifts’.

Nanoparticles and other nanostructured materials have unique properties which cannot be obtained when working with a bigger form of the same material. The application of those special properties has been suggested in many industries; however, the cosmetic industry is one of them- eager to make the most of the opportunities presented by nanotechnology. Nanomaterials have been used to try and improve the performance of a wide range of products, starting off with moisturizers and anti-aging creams ending on hair care. TianDe uses Nano-technology mostly when delivering active components to our skin.

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