Daily Sanitary Pad Life Energy 1pc

    Daily Sanitary Pad Life Energy 1pc

    Daily Sanitary Pad Life Energy

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    TianDe has released a new product for the treatment and rejuvenation of the female body - Panty Liner - “Life Energy”. Panty liner – phyto-compress included in the “Women’s Health Programme”.

    Refer to the inexhaustible source of life-giving forces and energy – natural remedies to restore health! It is a revolution on the market of products for the treatment of the female body and rejuvenating the Chinese panty liner phyto-compresses  “Life Energy”. Thanks to the millennial history of Oriental Medicine Chinese healers had accumulated vast experience – as well as innovations in the field of pharmaceutical scientists have invested in this new product for the beautiful half of humanity. The treatment, according to the Chinese, has to be a natural, nature bestowed. That is why the treatment and prevention panty liner “Life Energy” includes a complex of 38 herbs. The structure includes: Chinese angelica - a great assistant in the treatment of gynaecological disorders, menopause and dishormonal violations; angelica officinalis, has antibacterial, analgesic and deodorizing properties, Zingiber officinale rhizomesafflower, famous in the traditional Chinese medicine since 1061 as an effective tool for the treatment of inflammation of the muscular layer of the uterus, liquorice , nettle , plantain holostea , wild chamomile and myrrh resin , which accelerates the healing of the mucous membranes …


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    Gergana R.
    Very nice product :)

    Very nice product - really like this

    Desislava C.
    So fresh!

    So fresh!

    Hi Desislava and thanks for your comments!

    Raya S.
    Great product

    A bit uncomfortable in some point, but i had that in mind. Helped me

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