Nephrite Freshness Herb Panty Liners, Ultra Thin, 25pcs

Nephrite Freshness Herb Panty Liners, Ultra Thin, 25pcs

Ultra thin protection for women’s health

5,90 £

Do you lead an active life and prefer not to think about trifles?

Ultra thin daily panty liners will help you concentrate on the most important things!

They easily adjust to your body shape and will fit any model of underwear.
They are gentle like the second skin and will give you comfort and care every day!

The phytocomplex from peppermint and Camellia sinensis extracts, clove oil will take care of your health. It:
- eliminates bacteria and unpleasant odour;
- relieves itching and irritations;
- helps to normalize menstrual period;
- cares for women’s health, gives the feeling of comfort and freshness.

Recommended for daily use.
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