Spicery “Dietary Salt Regulator”, 30g

Spicery “Dietary Salt Regulator”, 30g

Get into right habits: regulate amount of salt in your diet!

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Of course you know that excess of salt is bad for your health but lack of it won't do any good too as it is a part of all body fluids.

To let you regulate amount of salt in your diet the TianDe corporation created a unique Spicery that helps you find the balance and get into right habits – reduce the amount of salt you consume. It is a 100% natural product!

The perfectly balanced complex is created in accordance of TianDe own recipes and is unrivaled at the market! The Spicery contains salt: not regular kitchen salt but sea salt. It provides many minerals necessary for your health: magnesium, calcium, potassium and others.

The spices contain herbs with bright, strong flavour that compensates salt reduction. Tasty and healthy by their own, they create synergy to charge you with energy.

The Spicery “Dietary Salt Regulation” is perfect for people on a low-salt diet.

Enjoy the rich taste of your favourite meal that are good for your health!

Add spices to a hot or cold dish right after cooking. It will let the spices give off all their flavour, smell and benefits.

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