Anti-edema mask for face after party Dual System Expand

Anti-edema mask for face after party Dual System, 1 pc




Thanks to this mask, you can easily amuse yourself for the whole evening without a care in the world — the force of ocean depths will take care of the healthy glow of your skin, while the super-conductor colloidal gold delivers all beneficial substances to each skin cell .

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• restores a healthy complexion,
• removes edemas and skin erythema,
• refreshes and tones,
• has a lifting effect and moisturizes the skin.

Facial skin has obtained dual nutrition and recovery — stress consequences are
removed. Now you look fresh and rested as if you had slept soundly for 8 hours.

The product contains: algae extract, biogold, disubstituted potassium.

Algae are the treasure of the ocean, absorbing all of the most beneficial substances from
sea water. Underwater plant extracts are a well-known remedy for the elimination of
excessive liquid from tissues. This algae property alone underlies the action of this antiedematous mask.

Algae lose 80% of their moisture in the process of drying, thus transforming into a dry
concentrate completely preserving all of the beneficial properties and ocean riches
contained in the mask in unchanged form for returning your skin to a state of comfort,
smoothness and lifting.

1 kg of algae contains the same quantity of copper,
zinc and magnesium as 10 tons of sea water. The
mineral energy cocktail of the algae extract restores
the functioning of “tired” skin cells.

Effect of the mask’s active ingredient

Algae extract enriches the skin with a true “sea concentrate”: minerals, macro- and
microelements, proteins and vitamins, eliminating excessive liquid from tissues.
Disubstituted potassium is a substance obtained from Glycyrrhiza extract. It moisturizes
and tones the skin, has an antioxidant effect, eliminates irritation.

Skin requirementsNutrition and recovery
Skin typeFor all skin
AgeAny Age
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