Osmantus Moisturising Facial Mask 60g Expand

Osmantus Moisturising Facial Mask 60g




Rescue dehydrated, tired and dull skin.

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Pampers your hair, improving its structure and nourishing it from root to tip.

Osmantus is a flower with one of the world’s most magical and unforgettable scents.

Its extract gives the skin a pleasant, beneficial cosmetic effect. The Osmantus facial mask nourishes skin cells and creates an invisible surface protection from aggressive environmental factors.

The substance’s active formula moisturises the skin for an extended period of time, removes the telltale signs of tiredness and stress, and makes your complexion more even and radiant. The mask contains sodium hyaluronate, a product of hyaluronic acid.

It helps retain moisture, improves skin tone, and smoothes out small wrinkles.

Skin requirementsAntistress
Skin typeFor all skin
AgeAny Age
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