Slaviton Foot Phytogel

Slaviton Foot Phytogel 125g

Feet health and beauty, 125g

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The Phytogel “Slaviton” series “Altai” Medicine is a very effective solution for treating and preventing the progression of varicose veins. The gel composition enters a string of natural ingredients of each ingredient itself is a treasure trove of medicinal components.

Medicinal properties of each ingredient are multiplied significantly to interact with other ingredients, and bring comfort, health, and make your feet beautiful:

    Chestnut strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, reduces blood viscosity, stimulates the production of antithrombin and increases the elasticity of veins.

    Chamomile is anti-inflammatory, has an antispasmodic effect, it is antiseptic and analgesic and accelerates tissue repair processes. It is calming, anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic. It is used as a bio stimulant to improve water and fat metabolisms in the skin cells, increasing its elasticity and turgidity.

    Thyme is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic and strengthens capillary circulation.

    Rosemary has tonic, hyperemia, inflammatory and anesthetic properties, it also strengthens vein walls.

    Hamamelis has astringent, antiseptics, anaesthetic, anti-inflammatory and toning properties. It strengthens the construction of the blood cells.

DOSAGE: Apply a small amount of gel on the skin of the feet in the morning and in the evening, gently massage until absorbed. Recommended 8 weeks of treatment.

The treatment effect of the Phytogel “Slaviton” may be enhanced by the use of "Master Herb” plasters for detoxification. Synergistic action of the active ingredients contained in the gel and the plaster provides an enhanced overall effect: The plaster removes toxins that prevent rehabilitation of body and replaces nutrient phytogel where necessary.

By the way, the detoxifying “Master Herb“ plaster, developed based on the knowledge of ancient oriental medicine helps to purify the blood, removing toxins, stimulates cellular rehabilitation and restoration of bodily functions. With “Master Herb” plasters, you can get rid of edema, pain of various origins; you can improve your skin, detoxify the body and increase its immunity.

Active ingredients:
Chamomilla recutita
Hamamelis virginiana
Horse chestnut
Kūno poreikiai
Lankstūs sąnariai ir lengvumas kojose

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