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Liftingo kremas akių kontūrui Collagen Active

Atkuria elastingumą. Pastebimai patempia odą aplink akis, sugrąžina jaunatvišką ir sveiką išvaizdą. Dėl specialios sudėties, praturtintos aktyviais elementais, kremas išlygina odą ir sumažina tamsius ratilus po akimis ir paburkimą. Panaudojus kremą tik kelis kartus, oda tampa stangresnė, o žvilgsnis tampa spindintis. Rekomenduojama 35 m. Kiekis: 15 g.

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At about age 35, the skin around the eyes starts experiencing significant change. Collagen
synthesis is greatly reduced, skin loses its tone and becomes dehydrated, with numerous
fine lines becoming deeper and more noticeable.

The skin around the eyes is a “delicate flower” by nature:
• it is the thinnest: 5-7 times thinner than the skin on the cheeks;
• has a very limited quantity of “supporting” fibers of collagen and elastin;
• collagen fibers are distributed in the form of a web, therefore, the eyelid skin easily
stretches and loses its tone.

The eyelid zone starts aging first, simply because of these peculiarities and increased

expressive activity. Meteorological factors (wind, cold, sun radiation), daily make-up and
insufficient sleep also add their contribution to the premature aging of skin around the

In order to stall the aging process of the skin around the eyes, specialists recommend

using “active” cosmetic products influencing collagen production starting at age 35 and

In addition to hydrolyzed collagen, Lifting Eye Contour Cream contains hyaluronic acid

and glycoproteins.

Glycoproteins (from the Greek “glykós” — “sweet,” and pro̱ teḯni̱ — “protein”):

• these are complex proteins which, along with collagen and hyaluronic acid, form the
structural components of the dermal intercellular matrix;
• have a general strengthening effect on collagen fiber and the skin;
• saturate the skin with moisture.


• Tightens the skin around the eyes, restoring its youth and health.
• Alleviates fatigue and the sensation of eyelid heaviness.
• Reduces bags and dark circles under the eyes, smoothes the skin.


Apply to the eye area with light tapping movements. Do not massage in. It is recommended
to use in the morning and in the evening to enhance the effect.
Suitable for all skin types, starting at age 35.


The skin around the eyes is elastic and supple.

Active ingredients: • Low-molecular hydrolyzed collagen – creates and strengthens skin cells, preserves skin elasticity. • Aloe – hydrates, nourishes and relieves irritation. • Witch-hazel extract – eliminates redness and flaking. • Chamomile extract – soothes the skin, relieves irritations. • Hyaluronic acid – normalizes moisture balance, hydrates and maintains moisture in skin cells. • Vitamin E – slows down lipid oxidation and formation of free radicals. • Vitamin complex – regenerates the skin, nourishes and enriches it with necessary elements. 

Skin requirements
Caring for the skin around the eyes
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35 +

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