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Valomasis pleistras „Bambuko anglis“ Master Herb




Bambuko anglis – puikus gamtinis absorbentas, garantuojantis gilų porų išvalymą ir švelnų poveikį. Oda po pleistro naudojimo atrodo idealiai švari, be jokių juodų taškelių. Kiekis: 1 vnt.

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It’s a fact: 75% of people have comedons, and blackheads
can occur on both dry and normal skin, although oily skin
is by far the most susceptible.

Bamboo Charcoal Purifying Strip is based on Bambusa arundinacea leaf extract, a
natural absorbent that extracts contaminants from pores like a magnet, as well as lactic
acid, vitamin E and titanium dioxide.

Bambusa arundinacea leaf extract:

stops bacteria growth: wherever the plant is, in a swamp, mud etc., it does not rot
and is not covered with mold or fungus. Eighty percent of all bacteria dies on the
surface of natural Bambusa arundinacea fiber within 24 hours;
• contains silicium, a microelement as essential to the skin as calcium is to bones; the
skin becomes flabby, disposed to rash and rapid aging without silicium;
• binds moisture and protects the skin from dryness, maintains pH balance.

Lactic acid:

• stimulates the exfoliation of corneous scales and epidermis renewal;
• has the most powerful moisturizing effect of all AHA-acids because it is contained in
the natural moisturizing factor (NMF);
• is able to bind water by means of hygroscopic molecules and while penetrating the
skin, it delivers moisture to deep epidermis layers;
• prevents bacteria propagation.


• Absorbs contaminants in a natural way by cleansing and constricting pores.
• Soothes irritation and nourishes the skin.
• Promotes normalization of the skin’s natural hydrobalance, stimulates metabolic
processes in the cells.


Remove the protective film, attach the Strip to the nasal area — once cleansed and
dampened with water. Make sure that it adheres well to the skin. Remove in 10-15
minutes. Use as necessary 1-3 times a week.


All of the contaminants that have accumulated in skin pores are left on the Strip. Pores
become less noticeable, the skin “breathes” again!

Skin requirementsCleansing, Anti-acne
Active ingredients:Ascorbic acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Hamamelis virginiana, Bambus, VITAMIN E
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