Repair Hand Phyto Cream, 80g

Repair Hand Phyto Cream, 80g

Quick PHYTO rescue for dry skin

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The skin on the hands seems almost always dry. Why is this the case even if you constantly take care of it? The skin on the hands completely lacks a fat layer and is therefore most prone to ageing.

The modern phytocream from the popular product line Dr. Taiga helps to protect dry skin and has an extreme softening effect. Thanks to its rich composition:
- it restores the damaged hydrolipid barrier
- it nourishes and moisturises cracked and peeling skin on the hands

The phytocream contains the most effective "softening" ingredients that restore the softness of your skin. With regular use, your hands will always be in the perfect condition!

Apply the cream to the clean skin of the hands.

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