DD Skin-Tone Correcting Product – Cushion, 15g

    DD Skin-Tone Correcting Product – Cushion, 15g

    Noble tone and gentle care!

    37,40 £


    Limited production of DD skin-tone correcting product – for those with light complexion!

    Many girls dream of dark skin. Many, but not all! If you want to emphasize your beauty and your skin’s porcelain-like transparency, our limited new product will be exactly to your liking!

    The new cushion will emphasize the nobleness of light complexion but will not make your skin pale. Thanks to its “smart” composition, the cushion smoothes out rough and uneven skin, eliminates dark under-eye circles and reddening by your nose. At the same time, it preserves gentle natural shade, making your facial tone ideally smooth.

    DD skin-tone correcting product makes your skin shine like porcelain, emphasizing its natural light shade.

    - easy application;
    - concealing skin imperfections and fine lines;
    - moisturizing and gentle care;
    - antioxidant, UV and UVA protection.

    Take the sponge and lightly dab it on the cushion – get just as much product as you need for flawless skin! Apply to your freshly-washed and moisturised face.

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