Light moisturizing cream - Vitamin C Expand

Lengvas drėkinamasis kremas “Vitamin C” – vitamino C kokteilis veido jaunystei ir švytėjimui




Lengvas drėkinamasis kremas garantuoja ilgalaikį, intensyvų ir gilų odos drėkinimą. Oda akimirksniu tampa lygi, švytinti, sveikai atrodanti, standi ir puikaus tonuso. Vitaminas C stiprina apsaugines odos savybes, užkerta kelią ankstyvam jos senėjimui. Rekomenduojama esant streso ir nuovargio požymiams, blyškiai odos spalvai, susilpnėjus imunitetui. Talpa: 50 ml.

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Young skin is amazingly forgiving — but it also has its own requirements,
the most important of which is the need
for moisturizing.
This concerns dry and oily skin alike.
Strange as it may seem, skin dehydration
and dryness are
different conditions:

• dehydration is water (intracellular liquid) deficiency;
• dryness is fatty component deficiency.

95% of all city-dwellers suffer from skin dehydration.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to quench the skin’s thirst by drinking
a glass of water or taking a bath. The problem
of moisturizing can only be
solved by special cosmetic
products. They form a very thin film (protective barrier)
on the skin and moisture is “locked up,” with practically no chance of evaporating!

Light Facial Moisturizing Cream with vitamin C contains

the following moisturizing ingredients: algae extract, hyaluronic acid and
hydrolyzed soy proteins. Squalane is
also included in this cream.

Algae extract is an “energizer battery for cells”:

• contains alginic acid, which tightens and moisturizes
the skin because it is able to absorb roughly 300x its
own weight in water;
• contains a mineral energy cocktail in which zinc,
copper and magnesium are of the most significance
for “tired” skin cells:

♦ zinc is an important component for more than 200 enzymes involved in metabolic and

tissue-regeneration processes;
♦ copperpromotes the healing of wounds and scratches, activates cell growth;
♦ magnesiumis essential to the proper functioning of enzymes involved in the formation
of connective tissue.

Fact: 1 kg of algae contains the same quantity of copper, zinc and magnesium as 10 tons of sea water.

Squalane is an oxygen “supplier” for the skin:
• is an analogue of squalene (from the Latin squalus — “shark”), a substance isolated
from the liver of deep-sea shark. As an unsaturated hydrocarbon, squalene easily
produces oxygen in water, allowing the shark to survive at a depth of 1000 m under
conditions of permanent oxygen starvation;
• derived from olive oil and wheat corn, this substance boasts the beneficial properties
of its analogue, saturating the skin with oxygen and improving cell respiration. But
in contrast to squalene, squalane is more stable and resistant to oxidation, i.e. it
preserves its properties for a longer period;
• has natural affinity with the skin and easily penetrates the epidermis without leaving
an oily sensation, leaving the skin soft and silky.


• Provides long-lasting, deep-skin moisturizing, evens the complexion.
• Leaves the skin smooth and glowing with health, improving its tone and firmness.
• Enhances the skin’s natural protective properties, slowing down aging processes.


Apply a small quantity of cream with circular movements to the cleansed face and neck,
excluding the area around the eyes.


The skin is enriched with moisture!

Skin typeFor all skin
Usage frequencyUse the products in the morning, after cleansing and toning the skin.
TaskEffective cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition, antioxidant protection of skin cells, protection against unfavorable environmental factors
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