Multiaction Lotion - Tibetan Herbs 120ml
Multiaction Lotion - Tibetan Herbs 120ml
Multiaction Lotion - Tibetan Herbs 120ml
Multiaction Lotion - Tibetan Herbs 120ml

Daugiafunkcinis veido losjonas Tibetan Herbs - kasdienis valymas

Švelniai pašalina nešvarumų ir makiažo likučius, atkuria natūralią epidermio apsaugą, gaivina, ramina ir minkština odą, normalizuoja pH balansą, suteikia odai minkštumo ir aksominio švelnumo. Talpa: 120 ml.

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The word “lotion” originates from the Latin “lotio” —
“washing.” Most likely, the first lotion was wine diluted
with water.

• Lotion helps complete the cleansing procedure by
removing everything unnecessary — contaminants
and dead cells — from the skin;
• The product prepares the skin for the absorption of moisturizers and nutrients.

Thanks to its light, non-oily texture, this lotion is rapidly
absorbed, cleansing and softening the skin. It leaves a
pleasant, refreshing aroma. It contains Crocus sativus
flower extract, Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract,
allantoin and vitamin E (tocopherol).

Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract:
• improves microcirculation, promotes fluid drainage, thereby relieving puffiness;
• contains bioflavonoids, which are vitamin-like vegetable substances with powerful antioxidant properties;
• contains tannins, which firm the skin and constrict pores.
Allantoin is made from the roots of woundwort
(Symphytum officinale), a plant that has been used in
the healing of wounds and regeneration of injured tissue
since ancient times. Allantoin:
• has a regenerating effect, softening and soothing sensitive skin;
• has a keratolytic effect: softens the corneous layer, thereby promoting the removal of dead cells;
• effectively prevents pore obstruction and the development of blackheads.

• Completes the cleansing process, refreshing and firming the skin.
• Normalizes pH level, improves cell metabolism, intensifies water metabolism.
• Protects against the effect of free radicals. Optimizes further care.

Apply a small quantity of lotion to the face and neck after washing using a cotton ball

Suitable for all skin types, starting at age 30.

The skin is perfectly prepared for the application of subsequent products.

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