Charm Collection

After the age of 45, it is useful to reassess the everyday skin care.
The premium Charm Collection by TianDe is specifically dedicated to ladies in the elegant age.

The innovative pentapeptide increases skin immunity, which greatly intensifies production of collagen and elastin and improves blood circulation in cells.
Active substances of the line provide deep skin hydration, nourishing and natural protection.
The aging process will slow down and the skin will look younger.

The effect of regular use of the Charm Collection products will be visible in only a month.
The skin will be firmer and more elastic, small wrinkles will start to disappear.

The main signs of youth will return – smoothness on the outside and radiation from within.
At the age of 45, the most problematic part is the T-zone. It will change considerably.
The contours will be clearly defined, forehead smooth, under-eye lines and wrinkles around mouth less visible.

You will wish to spend much more time in front of a mirror!

You only have to decide whether to share your secret of eternal youth with the others.
Your friends will certainly not be oblivious

Tiande Charm collection

Tiande Charm collection

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