Super cienkie wkładki na dzień "Nefrytowa świeżość" 18 szt Expand

Super cienkie wkładki na dzień "Nefrytowa świeżość" 18 szt




Hygiene and Health, 18pc

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Contains an ultimate FMC composition of 19 plants with healing properties (Black Pepper Oil, Hemlock Parsley Extract, Chamomile Extract, Motherwort Extract, Pagoda Tree Extract , Amur Corktree Extract etc. ). Phytoncides and essentials oils, comprised in the sanitary pads, instantly get soaked into the mucous, while stimulating bioactive spots, therefore curing a female organism. Pure cotton surface is firm to block the liquid and smell.

Recommended for gynecopaphy prophylaxis, curing of female organism at the maintenance therapy stage, strengthening the treatment results as well as for daily regular hygiene.

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