Rich Lotion

Rich Lotion

For flawless selfies without a filter!

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Young skin is always beautiful, but if it has some imperfections, this can be remedied using special TianDe products from the In Top young people’s line! You will stop fearing even close-up photos with the rich aloe lotion for glowing skin!

Don’t suffer: no one will notice enlarged pores and other blemishes.

The lotion will help you to be one step closer to perfection! Take selfies boldly, take them with friends and collect hundreds of “likes”!

The lotion is ideal for oily, combination and acne-prone skin. It acts on the cause of problems, bacteria that cause acne and stimulate excess sebum generation.

The rich lotion effectively cleans skin, constricts pores and reduces oily sheen. It also moistens and tones slack skin after the use of dehydrating care products.


Apply in the morning/evening to clean facial and neck skin using a cotton pad.

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