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is no longer a problem

60-70 % of men and 25-40 %
of women suffer from baldness all 
over the world. Approximately 45 % of men grow bald by 45, and this happens because of excessive activity of male hormones, leading to poor blood supply to hair follicles.

Why Tiande

Natural Health and Beauty 
Our Health and Beauty products are natural and safe for everyone to use. In order for product to qualify to have "natural" label the content of the natural ingredients in the product must be over 90% and any preservatives must come from plant origin. TianDe is exactly that - all natural products with therapeutic properties.

Chinese Medicine
All of the products are based on very old and effective Chinese and Tibetan Medicine. Every product has been specially designed to treat not only the symptoms but also the root of the problem. This holistic approach allows to bring the beauty from within.

TianDe helps not only with beauty but various body ailments like hair loss, pigmentation, pains and strains etc.

Synergy of performance

Unique natural components are combined together in order to achieve a new level of effectiveness, which wouldn’t be possible if those components were used separately.

Very advanced biotechnology

Obtaining extracts from exotic plants and herbs such as the Lotus flower, Ganoderma mushroom, Ginseng, Jojoba oil, Avocado, Aragan oil, or animal origin components; snake oil, sheep’s placenta or marine collagen.

Clean and ecological

Our products are made from plants that grow in the most ecological places on the planet. Plants are obtained from areas of Altai, Tibet and China, sometimes from high mountains. We can honestly say that the products are 100% organic.

Ancient Chinese Medicine Recipes

Medical recipes that have been known for more than 5000 years delivered to you through the use of everyday products.

Special requirements for cropping and harvesting

Herbalist experts are required to crop plants strictly in a specific method and sometimes only at a certain times of the day! For example: some plants have a highest concentration of desired components at full moon, therefore this is when they are cropped.

Therapeutic properties of cosmetic products

TianDe specializes in providing treatment for Acne, Hair Loss, Dandruff, Body Detox, Fungus Infections, Oral Care, Delicate and Intimate Care, Pain Relief and many more.

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