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Healthy, thick hair can be perceived as a luxury in our times.

In the past, only elderly men suffered from hair loss, today we can find “victims” of baldness in all age groups – both men and women, the elderly and very young people.

Residents of large cities are mostly affected due to negative external factors and food consumed. In addition, people living in large cities are subject to various sources of stress (both internal – tension, nervousness, etc., and external – a common blow-dry, use of special foams, gels and varnishes, etc.).

People with thick and healthy hair exposed to these factors are the exception rather than the rule. While numerous ultramodern methods of maintaining hair youth often don’t satisfy our hair …  maybe it’s time to turn to the historical experience and wisdom that has been serving humanity for centuries?

TianDe – Ancient Tibetan Secret To Youthful Hair

Modern women in China, even at an advanced age have thick, shiny hair. It is very rare that Chinese elders have a receding hairline.

So what is the secret?

Of course, this phenomenon can be partly explained by genetic predisposition, partly – a healthy way of life that majority of the Chinese people try to follow. However, a huge impact on the condition of the hair has a universal way of caring for it. In contrast to the Europeans, who make the choice of cosmetics for hair based on marketing priorities (advertised brands, packaging, scent etc.), the Chinese primarily look for products based on the centuries of knowledge of human nature and its interaction with the environment, i.e. they prefer grass, natural sources, minerals …

Tibetan Medicine takes a leading place in the effectiveness of therapeutic products. Tibetan healers have formed their own set of tools and methods of treatment for more than two millennia, adapting many of the achievements of the Chinese, Indian and Arabic pharmaceuticals and medical procedures. It has gained a unique character, primarily through the use of local herbs, which are only available in the regions of high mountains of Tibet.

The fact is that Tibetan herbs grow in harsh climates, exposed to oxygen starvation, with sharp diurnal temperature and strong solar activity. These factors cause Tibetan herbs to have exceptional healing properties, which separate them from plants growing at lower levels of mountains. Another important feature of Tibetan medicinal herbs is their complex structure and a mixture of valuable components. According to the canons of Tibetan medicine, healing is best, it is effective because of the entire complex of ingredients and procedures and an absence of at least one component reduces the effectiveness of the medication.

An interesting fact is that Tibetan medicine treatments aim primarily at helping the organism to correct existing problems but not “to kill harmful bacteria” that caused the problem. Tibetan recipes practically do not cause allergies, are soft and are easily absorbed by the body.

Unfortunately, with all the obvious advantages of Tibetan traditional medicine, today it is extremely difficult to imagine a city dweller diligently collecting plants, in a strictly defined “right” time, according to the canons of their herbalists, who extracts substances, squeeze oil, obtain steamed and raw materials from these herbs… Many do not know; yes-desired herbs, and even more – their proportional relationship without which all of the healing properties of components are lost –. So what to do? Refuse such a splendid idea and continue to use conventional means hopelessly losing hair? No … there is always a Solution and there it is here!

Bio Rehab : the harmony of the ancient Eastern wisdom and heritage of civilization

Scientists of the International Research Center of Chinese Medicine managed to do the impossible; recreate the sacred best recipes of traditional Tibetan medicine for hair loss and bring them to the most advanced biotechnology.

The results of their work are incredible – Bio Rehab Intensive Anti Hair Loss Treatment consisting of the Hair Growth Shampoo, Hair Growth Hair Mask and Herbal Tonic.

Shampoo general characteristics:

  • Provides fast hair growth.
  • Prevents hair loss.
  • Eliminates dandruff.
  • Preserves the natural pH of the skin.
Hair Growth Activator Mask

Mask general characteristics:

  • Stops hair loss.
  • Stimulates the growth of new hair.
  • Makes hair thicker and stronger.
  • Provides rich nutrition and hydration.
Hair Growth Activator Tonic

Tonic general characteristics:

  • Stimulates hair growth.
  • Nourishes and strengthens hair.
  • Prevents hair loss.
  • Normalizes the sebaceous glands

All hair growth treatment may take up to 6 months or longer.

It is recommended to use Bio Rehab Set along with Ginseng or Shou Wu Grass products. Mezoroller is recommended for enhanced effects.

To obtain results, it is recommended to regularly use these products for the period of 6 months.

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