Heel and Elbow Wrapping Care Mask, 2 pcs

Heel and Elbow Wrapping Care Mask, 2 pcs

Extreme softening!

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Dry elbows and coarse heels are in the past! It’s high time to soften them and make them look cared-for again!

Heel and Elbow Wrapping Care Mask from the Korean Сhoahae* cosmetic product line:
- effectively softens the skin;
- helps the maximum restoration of damaged skin;
- pumps with moisture and improves firmness;
- makes the skin gentle and elastic.

You won’t have to sacrifice your time! Just fix the patch on your elbows and heels and engage in your usual activities. The patch looks like a four-leaf clover. Because of this shape, it fixes very firmly, and that, on the one hand, helps quick skin softening and, on the other hand, provides your comfort.

* Сhoahae means “I like you!” if translated from the Korean.

Remove protective paper and firmly fix the patch on the dry, clean heel or elbow skin. Apply for 1−2 hours depending on the epidermis condition, after that rinse the skin with water. If required, remove the keratinized layer from your heels with a foot file. Use immediately after opening.

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