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Hydrogel Phyto Patch for Womеn

Hydrogel Phyto Patch for Womеn

Comfort even on special days

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Nagging pain, discomfort, general weakness, a wish to stay at home, wrapping yourself in a blanket… You know these sensations, don’t you? Most women feel that once a month.

How to relieve unpleasant sensations and live a full, entertaining life even during this period? Korean scientists have found the solution! Hydrogel Phyto Patch for Women will help to improve your general condition and bring you back to life!

- Relieves discomfort on special days;
- unnoticeable under garments and practically not felt;
- you may feel light warmth;
- helps to live a normal life on any day of the month.

Just stick it below your navel – and you will feel relief very soon. Enjoy your life every day!

Remove protective film and stick the patch to the dry, clean skin below your navel. Apply once a day for 3−4 hours (you can use it while sleeping – up to 7−8 hours). Use immediately after opening.

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