Get rewarded for living a healthier, better and more beautiful life

We want to reward you for free products and discuts You are what makes Tiande special!
Unlike every other club, this is the first time you manage your beauty and you are praised for your decision.

  • Free delivery
    As a VIP, you always get free delivery on orders over £45.

  • Get rewarded for shopping For every purchase, you’ll earn Beauty Reward Points – which you can redeem for free products. Learn More -Rewards Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VIP client?

When you shop at Tiande and go to checkout, you can decide to stay as a guest or become a VIP client. And when you register as a VIP, you have access to a wide range of benefits and free benefits.

How am I going to become a VIP client?

Please register for free when you make a purchase on our website. You will be prompted to create an account when you check out. If you are interested in marketing our brands, you may sign up to become an Tiande Consultant . To read more, click on link "Become an Consultat"


There's a whole range of rewards and free benefits that bring you in charge of your beauty like never before and praise you for doing to do what you've do.

  • Collect Reward Points for every purchase and redeem them for free products.
  • Get free shipping on all orders over £45
    Get early access to new product launches and offers.
  • Clients're going to be the first
    to hear about exclusive deals and promotions.
How am I paying for my orders?

You can pay with a debit/credit card

Can I still purchase goods if I'm not a VIP client?

You may, of course! You can shop as a guest customer. You're just not going to have access to the advantages and promotions that VIPs receive.

Rewards Programme

Get your Free favourite products

You already have your favourite time-tested and science-backed products. So why not earn points for choosing them – for choosing you – and redeem them for free products.

  1. Shop the products you love Find the products you love and when you purchase, earn points automatically.

  2. Collect your points Earn £0.3 for every £5 you spend on products, and save them for up to 12 months.

  3. Choose your free products Shop after login and redeem points for free products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the rewards programme only open to customers?
Yes, it is. In order to collect points and redeem them for free products, create an Tiande account.
How do I collect points?
For every purchase, you’ll automatically collect points
How many points do I collect per £ 5 spend?
You earn £0.25 for every £5 you spend on products.
When do my points get credited to my account?
Immediately after purchase! And you can redeem them as soon as you’ve collected at least £5. Minimum amount of the order to be able to use the voucher
Where can I see my point balance?
Login to your account on tiandeshop website, and scroll down to “My Reward Points” to see your rewards.
Can I pay for products using a combination or points and cash if I don’t have enough points?
Yes, you can
Can I redeem my points for free products without making a purchase at the same time?
Yes, as long minimum order is £10.

Become Consultant

If you are interested in marketing our brands, you may sign up to become an Tiande Consultant .

To read more, click on link "Become an Consultat"

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