Is it possible to get a luxurious effect of satin hair at home?

get a luxurious effect of satin hair at home?

Certainly! YES!

Every woman wants to have beautiful, shiny hair, like the girls from the catwalk. But such an effect is extremely difficult to achieve, and fabulously expensive...

You can do keratin straightening or hair lamination, but these procedures also have their pitfalls and downside.

So, for example, having acquired the desired shine, you will lose the volume and the natural curl.

Hair without volume is not for everyone, for some this effect adds age, on many hair this effect looks like stale styling.

What if you still want to “shine”, but you don’t want to take such risky measures? Use special care products that will give your hair a brilliant shine!

The effect of such products is similar to the effect of “lamination at home”.

These products give an instant effect and are applied directly to the hair or only to the ends. After all, as you know, it is the ends that most often have increased dryness.

At the same time, your natural volume remains with you, and you also get the desired satin hair shine! Another plus of instant “lamination at home” products is that you can change your hair style at any time and, for example, give up satin shine and make a wet hair effect or surf curls!

In addition, the cost of a product with the effect of shine and luxury of satin is much cheaper than salon procedures!

Hair Essence Oil in Capsules – express-product for “lamination at home”

The principle of “lamination at home” and the effect of it

Hair Essence Oil in Capsules – express-product for “lamination at home”

  • Lightweight,
  • fast absorbing texture
  • Natural oils in composition
  • Does not require rinsing
  • Care without effect of “heavy”, sticky hair

The principle of salon lamination is the sealing and smoothing of split ends and hair scales. Due to the fact that the cuticle and scales are smoothed, hair look even, smooth and shiny.

The principle of “lamination at home” is similar. With the help of special products, you can smooth and even out the texture of the hair, as a result - smooth satin obedient hair with preserved natural volume.

What products can be used for “lamination at home”?

There are many ways described in the internet to help you achieve the desired result. But all of them are labor-intensive, require time and patience.

We offer an express remedy for “lamination at home” using oils.

Hair Essence Oil in Capsules – this is just a godsend for those who yearn to get the effect of satin shine on their hair!

A light, fast-absorbing cocktail of natural oils helps to repair damaged and dry hair. Product does not require long exposure to the hair or heating with a hairdryer. It also does not require rinsing.
The lightweight texture of the essence provides care without without effect of “heavy”, sticky hair.

For ease of use, the beauty cocktail is poured into miniature capsules.

The effect of “lamination at home” with a cocktail of oils

The effect of “lamination at home” with a cocktail of oils

  • Satin luxurious shine without “heavy” hair effect and without loss of volume;
  • nutrition and deep moisturizing of hair;
  • sealing of split ends, smoothing of hair structure;
  • thermo-protection;
  • prevention of static electricity;
  • maximum elasticity and finishing shine.
Do you want your hair to flow and be like silk? Impossible without precious oils!

“Powerful” composition

Do you want your hair to flow and be like silk? Impossible without precious oils!

7 exquisite oils in the composition:

  • argan,
  • macadamia,
  • camellia japonica,
  • camellia Oleifera,
  • limnantes,
  • mint,
  • orange peel.
  • Squalane Tocopherol
  • BELSIL® GB-1020 and Skycore SR1319 complexes for a smooth and silky hair

The essence contains a complex of oils.

Argan oil – vegetable oil made from the fruits of argan, otherwise it is called argan oil. This oil is considered one of the most valuable and useful products on the planet.

Its effect on the skin and hair was appreciated a very, very long time ago, and just as long ago this oil was used in cosmetology and medicine.

Argan oil can bring damaged and dull hair back to life: restore structure, protect, strengthen and accelerate growth. Argan oil is often used to rehabilitate severely damaged hair. It especially well restores hair after perm and ammonia staining.

Macadamia oil – great for overall hair health. This oil creates a special shield around each hair, protecting hair from damage and external negative environmental factors. The oil restores the natural softness of the hair and luxurious shine.

Macadamia oil provides intensive hydration and regeneration of damaged hair, has a therapeutic effect. Recommended for thinning, damaged and dyed hair.

Camellia japonica oil or tsubaki oil – the most important component of oriental medicine and cosmetology due to its unique composition! The high content of antioxidants and fatty acids make it an indispensable tool for skin and hair care. This is an old folk remedy, as popular and authoritative among Japanese women as we have burdock oil. Tsubaki oil in Japan is part of many shampoos and masks, and in its pure form is used as a nourishing agent against dryness and brittle hair.

Camellia oil must be applied to the ends of the hair, as well as to whole lenght, depending on the degree of damage. Oil helps to cope with dry hair, brittleness, lack of shine.

Camellia Oleifera oil – this vegetable oil is golden-yellow in color. It is obtained from the seeds of camellia Oleifera, an Asian tree of the tea family. The height of the tree is 5-10 meters. The camellia tree attracts attention and enchants with its magnificent white flowers.

Sometimes camellia oil is called Asian olive oil because it is also used in cooking - for frying and salads dressings.

Camellia Oleifera seed oil contains a bunch of substances useful for hair. As much as 70-85% consists of nourishing and moisturizing fatty oleic acid. It also contains 0,15% of vitamin E, known for its antioxidant properties, and 2-3% of squalene, also an antioxidant and softening ingredient.

Camellia oil is soft and surprisingly light, which is very much appreciated in hair care.

Mint oil is always associated with freshness.
And this is no coincidence. The oil is actually able to give a feeling of freshness - the basis of its composition is menthol, which excites cold thermoreceptors in the skin and mucous membranes.

Menthol is commonly used in hair care products to nourish the follicles, stimulate circulation, and reduce scalp itching.

Orange peel oil is obtained from the peel of an orange. As a concentrated source of vitamin C, orange oil eliminates breakage, moisturizes, adds shine and protects against damage.

The essence also contains squalane – a fatty molecule and a substance that our skin perceives as “its own” and therefore absorbs very easily.
Figuratively speaking, squalane is the “little brother” of squalene, a component of skin sebum that provides a natural protective barrier. It has been proven that in the human body under the age of 23, the production of squalene increases rapidly, and then gradually decreases.

Today, squalanes are extracted from plant materials: from sugar cane, olives, rice bran and wheat germ.

Squalane enriches the skin and hair with nutrients and maintains the right level of moisture. Suitable for the regeneration of dry and damaged hair. Squalane restores the hair structure, smoothes, makes them soft and supple.

Vitamin E (tocopherol acetate) – it is the main antioxidant, a stimulator of cell renewal in the body. It fills cells with oxygen, heals minor damage, helps to strengthen hair, preventing breakage and stimulating growth.

The composition of the oil-essence also includes 2 special complexes - BELSIL® GB-1020 and Skycore SR1319.

BELSIL® GB-1020 complex forms a thin breathable film on the surface of the hair, contributing to the restoration of hair structure, making hair soft and smooth.

Skycore SR1319 complex contains emollient and conditioning ingredients that make hair silky.

keep your look youthful, Tiande

How to use Hair Essence Oil in Capsules
to get the effect of “lamination at home”?

Gently open the capsule, pour the contents of the capsule into the palm of your hand, distribute the essence on both hands, so it will be more convenient to apply the product to your hair.

Pre-comb the pre-washed and dried strands, divide them into sectors and work with each strand of the sector separately.

Apply the contents of the capsule to the entire length with gentle, smoothing movements, then comb with a fine-toothed comb to better distribute the product.

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