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Liquid Gloves Protective Cream:

- does not deprive you of the pleasure of “feeling” natural material;

- allows you to do what you love and maintain the beauty of your hands.

Forget that a gardener is an old woman in a headscarf who day and night is busy on the vegetable patch without a let-up.

A gardener of the 21st century is a completely different type of woman.

Today, to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, more and more people are buying summer cottages to get that very peace and unity with nature.

A gardener can be a middle-aged businesswoman, a young freelance girl, or a free-spirited artist.

Why not?

What to do and what to grow in the country, everyone determines for oneself. Someone grows rare varieties of roses, someone sows a plot with lawn grass, and someone, having reread the classics, breaks a cherry orchard on their plot. And no matter what type of summer cottage activity you choose, the main thing is that you feel good and joyful.

There is a wrinkle in that. Summer cottages, work with land and grass can ‘kill’ your city manicure literally in no time and dry your hands very much. Ahead of the question ‘Why can't you wear gloves?’ we answer: not all people are comfortable and convenient to work in them. Some complain that in rubber gloves the skin of the hands literally suffocates and then smells of rubber for a long time, others say that the earth, grass and other natural texture should be felt with the hands, being charged with energy from these natural sources.

Our specialists agree with both statements. Indeed, one can touch nature and feel it fully only tactilely, feeling everything with the skin of your hands and receiving the energy of the earth through the touch. It is about the same as getting the visual pleasure of beautiful landscapes and breath-taking views. In order for you to feel the unity with nature in full force, our specialists have developed a special product - Liquid Gloves Protective Cream.

Are country life and beautiful hands compatible?

Liquid Gloves Hand Cream:

  • protects the skin from the negative effects of organic and mineral pollutants (for example, dry soil);
  • facilitates the subsequent process of cleaning hand skin from contaminants;
  • forms a breathable protective film that allows the skin to breathe;
  • covers the skin with a thin protective film, leaving no opportunity for impurities to be absorbed into the pores;
  • retains moisture in the skin, preserves its lipid barrier;
  • has a softening effect on the skin;
  • eliminates excessive sweating of the palms (can be used under protective gloves).
  • Fast absorbing, easily distributed, does not leave a sticky feeling;
  • after a few minutes, it is practically not felt on the skin;
  • suitable for people with sensitive and/or irritated skin.

hand cream

Please note!
Easily washed off with water!

Definitely yes!

Even if you are an ardent fan of beautiful manicure and perfectly smooth skin of your hands, give yourself a treat of doing your favourite hobby! Just put on the Liquid Gloves before heading out on a date with your summer cottage.

The Liquid Gloves cream contains effective ingredients that form a thin invisible film on your hands. This film is breathable and allows the skin to breathe.
The Liquid Gloves retains moisture in the skin while preserving its lipid barrier, which means you keep your hands smooth and youthful.

Invisible film will protect the skin from the negative effects of organic and mineral pollutants (for example, dry earth) and also prevents impurities from penetrating into the pores and natural folds of the skin.
Due to the well-developed composition and consistency of the product, the skin of the hands is completely covered with a film ‘closing’ and protecting even the smallest wrinkle on your hands from penetration of dirt.

The protective cream does not leave a sticky feeling, does not irritate the skin and is suitable for people with different skin types.

Due to the emollient components in the composition, the protective cream preserves the smoothness and tenderness of the skin of the hand.

Please note!
The cream is washed off with water!

garden gloves

Mr. Fixit

For work in the garden and at the summer cottage
For renovation
For cleaning and housework
Cream under gloves

Work at the summer cottage, of course, is not the only area where the Liquid Gloves work perfectly. The cream protects the skin of the hands when cleaning, repairing and doing housework.

It is also suitable for those who do not wear rubber gloves. The cream applied under them helps to eliminate excessive sweating.

If you prefer cotton gloves, your hands are still not protected, as the fabric allows a lot of dust and dirt to pass through. Use the Liquid Gloves Protective Cream under such gloves.

Protective gloves “material”
how does it work?

Cellulose gum is a high molecular weight carbohydrate that forms a thin film on the surface and also has emollient properties.

Corn starch is a natural absorbent that protects the skin and prevents impurities from “sticking”. It improves the absorption of the cream, softens the skin and restores its protective barrier.

Lauryl glucoside is a surfactant made from plant components; it cleans dirt effectively and has emollient properties.

Cocamide DEA refers to a nonionic surfactant, its molecules contribute to catching dirt when washing. It is obtained from the fatty acids of coconut oil, due to which the surfactant additionally cares for the skin.

Diethylhexyl sodium sulfosuccinate refers to a natural anionic surfactant, has excellent cleansing properties.

Panthenol is a pro-vitamin B5; it effectively regenerates the skin, and protects it from negative environmental factors.

Aloe extract has a moisturizing, soothing, regenerating, bactericidal and antifungal effect.

hands protection cream

The Liquid Gloves hand cream contains a whole range of targeted ingredients.

1. Cellulose gum and corn starch are responsible for protecting the skin of the hands from dirt when cleaning, repairing, doing housework or at a summer cottage. It is they who create a thin protective film on the skin surface.

Cellulose gum is a high molecular weight carbohydrate. It is obtained as a by-product of cotton processing. Cellulose gum in a mixture with cold water is capable of forming a very viscous colloidal solution that does not lose its viscosity for a long time, and a gel with hot water. In addition, it has excellent emollient properties.

Corn starch is a natural absorbent formed during the partial hydrolysis of starch polysaccharides obtained from corn. It protects the skin and prevents impurities from “sticking”. Corn starch helps to improve the absorbency of the cream, softens the skin, and restores its protective barrier.

2. Several natural surfactants in the cream are responsible for easy cleansing of the skin from impurities. 

Lauryl Glucoside - sugar and coconut oil are used to make this natural surfactant. It effectively cleans dirt and has softening properties.

Cocamide DEA refers to a nonionic surfactant, its molecules contribute to catching dirt when washing. It is obtained from the fatty acids of coconut oil, due to which the surfactant additionally cares for the skin. Works well even in hard water.

Diethylhexyl sodium sulfosuccinate refers to a natural anionic surfactant with excellent cleansing properties.

3. In addition to effective protection and easy cleansing, the Liquid Gloves Hand Cream perfectly cares for the skin due to the content of panthenol and aloe extract.

Panthenol is a pro-vitamin B5. It effectively regenerates the skin, protects it from negative environmental factors. Of the entire group of vitamins, it is considered the SOS component for cuts, micro cracks and inflammations.

Aloe extract. Due to its high content of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, aloe can grow in the driest conditions. Penetrating 4 times deeper than water and several times faster, aloe helps to deeply moisturize the skin. Its extract also has soothing, regenerating, tonic, bactericidal, antifungal properties.

What happens if you don't protect your skin?

Without protecting your hands while working, you run the risk of:

  • breaking the protective barrier of the skin and accelerating its ageing;
  • letting bacteria and allergens enter your body through the skin devoid of a lipid layer;
  • getting irritation, dryness, scratches;
  • contaminating the epithelium and getting partial staining of the skin.

To begin with, the visual appearance of your hands will change dramatically.

When interacting with dirt (dust, earth, etc.), the skin tends to darken due to natural cracks and folds. When working with shrubs, plants or grass, you can easily get scratched.

If the skin is protected, it will be more difficult to get scratches. In addition to mechanical injuries and a visually unpleasant appearance, working in the garden, backyard or in the house without protective gloves promises you premature ageing of the skin!

Its protective layer is violated, dryness and peeling appear; it becomes defenceless for any kind of bacteria and allergens. Their penetration threatens allergies, irritation, hyperpigmentation, inflammation and other problems.

Do not put your hands to such a test - use Protective Gloves!

protect hands

Hands are our everything!

  • Wash your hands with warm water (too cold or hot - stress for your skin).
  • Use quality soap free of harmful additives.
  • Do not rub your hands too hard, even if they are difficult to clean with soap and water.
  • Gently dry your hands with a soft towel.
  • Use a nourishing cream in the morning and in the evening (do a light massage of the skin and nails at the same time).
  • It is advisable to apply a moisturizer after each wash, especially if you have dry skin.
  • Protect your hands while cleaning and gardening. If you use rubber gloves, apply a protective cream underneath.
  • Use acetone-free liquids for nail care or nail design.
  • Don't forget about prevention: do hand baths at least once a week.
  • Nourishing masks, compresses, peeling and massage are useful for skin and nails.
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