Clean teeth, no bacteria!

Immuvenok will help form good habits since childhood!

What is the first thing to which you should pay attention when selecting children toothpaste? Is it bright packaging or the taste of the product?


The main things are safe ingredients and age correspondence!

If the product is overfilled with artificial colorants, dangerous flavoring substances, parabens and other substances, it should be left on its shelf.

The approach to selection of children toothpaste should be very responsible, because the health of adult teeth depends on oral hygiene quality during childhood (cavities of baby teeth easily transfers to adult teeth).

Select the trustworthy manufacturers and products with natural components. TianDe beauty and health corporation developed the Pineapple toothpaste for kids specifically for its small customers.

Now forming good habits will become even easier and more joyful. Immuvenok that is already familiar to many will help you do so! He will become a friend of your kids and a reliable helper for you!

You select quality and your children select pleasant taste and tooth-brushing as a joyful game!

Immuvenok can deal with everything!

  • Gentle cleaning: low abrasive
  • Protection of tender dental enamel
  • Gum care
  • Children's formula
  • Tooth brushing with pleasure: pleasant taste


  • fluoride
  • colorants

Pineapple toothpaste for kids that our character Immuvenok uses to brush his teeth is a safe formula without fluoride and colorants, it is complex action and efficiency.

Gentle formula. The toothpaste contains “child” doses of active components; the special features of children’s oral cavity are considered.

The cleaning is soft. Children’s dental enamel is on the stage of maturation. It is softer and twice thinner than adult and is less mineralized (almost 10 times less!). It is very easy to damage it and therefore to cause tooth hypersensibility.

Soft cleaning formula of Pineapple toothpaste is developed specifically for taking care of children’s oral cavity. Gentle and at the same time efficient cleaning of enamel is achieved due to Sorbosil AC36 (hydrated silicon dioxide) being included in the composition.

This is the modern polishing agent (abrasive) with low abrasive ability and high efficiency ensuring painless and attenuated cleaning. Its granules are rounded and softly remove the dental plaque and polish teeth without traumatizing the enamel.

Pineapple toothpaste ensures thorough oral hygiene and gently removes the plaque appearing after eating (especially after eating sweets), protecting the teeth and ensuring efficient caries prevention.

The product is created in Altai, one of the most environmentally pristine places of the planet!

Based on enzymes!

Fruit ferments (enzymes) from pineapple and papaya fruit:
- disrupt and remove dental plaque gently;
- maintain thin enamel of children’s teeth.

Vitamin C and bromelain of natural pineapple juice:
- help strengthen the gums;
- prevent the formation of dental plaque;
- have anti-inflammatory action.

Do your kids like fruit?

Immuvenok really does!
This is why the ingredients of children’s toothpaste include tropical pineapple and papaya.

Many people know that pineapples are good for skin and help lose weight, but not everybody knows that they are protectors of oral cavity and a perfect product in case of tooth and gum sensitivity. Amino acids and vitamins contained in pineapples remove bacteria and germs and prevent cavities formation.

Fruit ferments (or enzymes) from pineapple and papaya fruit included in the paste split and remove dental plaque very gently, preserving the thin enamel of children’s teeth. Vitamin C and bromelain of natural pineapple juice (that very plant enzyme) strengthen the gums and prevent dental plaque formation.

Pineapple bromelain is obtained from the fruit itself, but it is mostly concentrated in inedible rough kernel of the fruit (most people cut it out and throw it away).

Let us make it a bit clearer what ferments are. Ferments, or enzymes, are natural biocatalysts. Ferments are naturally classified as proteins, the purpose of which is speeding up various biochemical reactions in the body. Breakdown of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals is the process in which enzymes are included in the active components. This is the effect on which the toothpaste action is based. It does not simply clean the plaque off, it gently splits and removes it.

Kids do not like strong or too sweet tastes. Pineapple toothpaste has a pleasant tropical taste which makes tooth-brushing a real delight.

Remember: the components of Pineapple toothpaste with plant enzymes for kids does not just clean the plaque off like ordinary pastes, but splits and removes it gently.

Immuvenok for children!

For health and happiness!

Syrup with fruit juices and vitamins is a charity project of the corporation!

Part of the funds from selling each syrup is transferred to charity funds!

EcoDeViva by TianDe
with love!

Immuvenok is a friend of children’s immunity as well!

The assortment of the corporation includes syrups with fruit and berry juice. This is not just a healthy fresh juice for healthy and high-quality nutrition, this is also a charity project!

Part of the funds from selling each package of the syrup is transferred to charity funds of countries where it was purchased!

Toothpaste with plant enzymes for kids, from 3+ years old

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